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Bethlehem is about to be overrun by “Tourists”, coming into town for the tax. This is bad news for a stable full of animals. Seth the Sheep is concerned the visitors will want sweaters. Claude the Cow lost ten pounds last time, making milkshakes. Micah Mouse, a grouchy rodent, realizes Bethlehem visitors will leave tasty leftovers but fears the extra mousetraps. Together, the animals scheme ways to keep the “tourists” out of Bethlehem. However, before they know it, a young couple expecting a Baby, has taken up residence in their stable!
Come with your family and friends!  This is for all ages!
God is Love - SF Tabernacle Kids.00_00_1

Click Here to watch

God's Amazing Grace Musical Skit

by the SF Tabernacle Kids!

Click Here to watch the 2019 Easter Musical Presentation by the SF Tabernacle Kids. 

Special thanks to Celeste Beroncal for capturing the presentation via Ipad. 

Happening this Sabbath NOVEMBER 30th


Happening this Month of December 2019

December 7th Speaker - Pastor James Amado
December 14th Speaker - Joanna Polite
December 21st Speaker - Christmas Musical Presentation
December 28th Speaker - Pastor Bernie Castillo 

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